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Have you attempted full-bleed color printing on your existing office equipment? Unless you have access to inkjet technology, you may have given up. Color laser printers typically cannot achieve edge-to-edge printing, as your marketing team may have already discovered. If you’re still hoping to achieve edge-to-edge printing with your existing office equipment, however, there are ways to achieve the look of full-bleed.

The Low-Down on Full-Bleed Printing

It may seem like your color laser printer should be capable of producing edge-to-edge images just like inkjet, but the technology is different.

As you may already be aware, inket printers utilize ink technology. The ink soaks into the paper as it makes contact with the substrate, making edge-to-edge printing possible. Laser equipment like your multifunction system relies on a fuser to melt toner, fusing it to the substrate. The fuser depends upon a lead edge to push the paper through and then out of the device.

Why Should You Care About Full-Bleed Printing?

Keep an eye on the materials that arrive in the mail today, and you’ll notice that most quality customer-facing materials are printed edge-to-edge. Full-bleed printing is associated with high quality, and marketers often use production printing equipment to achieve these results. However, if you’d like to get close to a full-bleed look-alike on your in-house office equipment, workarounds do exist. Here’s one.

Using your multifunction system, print your image using a larger paper size. For example, to achieve the look of a full-bleed 4×6 image, print on standard 8.5 x 11 paper and then trim to 4 x 6. A professional paper cutter allows for precise cutting and can slice through several documents at once.

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