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Searching for a document management system is a lot like searching for new office equipment solutions. You need the right mix of features, a user-friendly interface, and smooth integration with your existing business processes.

To begin your search, here are a few of the features you should consider in your document management solution.


One of the most compelling reasons to switch from paper-based systems to electronic document management is to eliminate repetitive data entry. Your document management system should allow users to capture documents from a variety of locations, including your multifunction system, scanner, email attachments, and mobile scanning solutions.

The best document management solutions deploy Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to extract data. Some systems also include barcode scanning features. Once documents have been captured and converted to the appropriate electronic format, retrieving them should be easy.


Searching for information is one of the leading time-wasters impacting today’s businesses. Document management systems provide robust search and retrieval capabilities that continually outperform even the most efficient paper-based or desktop system.

To retrieve documents, users enter keywords into search fields. The document management system searches through saved metadata and text to locate files containing the requested keyword. The best systems retrieve the appropriate files in a matter of seconds.


It won’t matter how many features your document management system includes if your employees have trouble accessing them. Solutions that make users search through buried menus will take longer to learn, and employee buy-in may be difficult to achieve.


If your company is required to adhere to strict compliance standards, then your document management system should help by securing your data and making your files easily accessible by auditors and other authorized parties.

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