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Multifunction systems and network printers are standard office equipment in organizations worldwide. Perhaps their unobtrusive presence is one reason why so few took businesses took steps to include them in their security strategies and how hackers were free to exploit the resulting vulnerabilities. Whatever the causes, widespread reports of data breaches involving unsecured office equipment now has more business leaders paying attention.

Is Your Network Safe?

Safeguarding your data with highly-volatile and ever-changing threats continually knocking at your door is a challenge most businesses can’t handle on their own. Even with a well-trained IT department on staff, many companies seek assistance from managed print services providers to keep print infrastructures secure. Here are some steps your organization can take to protect your data as it flows to and from your print environment and your network.

Double-down on User Authentications

It’s not enough to rely on the default password that came with your multifunction system. Each user in your organization should have passwords or other authentications to keep unauthorized users from accessing your printer fleet and the documents stored and shared within it. Require employees to change passwords frequently, safeguard confidential information, and use only company-approved apps for mobile printing.

Protect Your Hard Drives

Today’s digitized office equipment, including your copiers and printers, often include hard drive technology that allows them to function more like computers. When stored documents aren’t protected, confidential information can fall into the wrong hands. Use encryption and data overwrite capabilities to protect stored information and get guarantees from office equipment providers that no data remains on the hard drive during end-of-lease and upgrade events.

As your office equipment provider, ZENO Office Solutions can help you implement security features on networked multifunction systems and printers. We are the premier printer, copier and office equipment solutions for Midland, Odessa, Big Spring and Andrews. Contact us today for assistance!