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As a financial advisor, you are responsible for the safekeeping of thousands of highly confidential documents. Protecting information saved in traditional document storage systems has always presented difficulties, but technology has overcome these challenges.

Here’s why forward-thinking financial advisors look to scanning and electronic document management as a more secure and efficient solution than paper-based systems.

Advanced Security Solutions

Keeping confidential documents on paper is extremely risky, and there’s no longer a good reason to do so. Scanning files using a multifunctional system protects them against theft or destruction caused by natural disaster, fire, or flood. Password protection and data encryption keep hackers and unauthorized users out of the database, and regularly scheduled backups provide business continuity if a system failure or user error precipitates data loss.

Fast Access to Information

Today’s clients understand that solutions exist to make information accessible at a moment’s notice. If your office can’t exhibit an ability to respond to questions immediately, your clients may assume that your storage systems are outdated or disorganized. In the world of financial data, there’s no room for either problem to exist. Scanning and digitizing information instead of filing paper documents means you’ll have instant access to any information your clients request. In return, they’ll have renewed confidence in your firm and in your ability to provide dependable service.

Lower Operational Costs

Printing and storing paper documents is a costly option, and as your firm grows, your need for storage solutions will grow along with it. Scanning your paper documents allows you to convert them to digital formats, eliminating your need for conventional document storage systems. Since digital information requires virtually no physical storage space, you’ll save money and have more room to expand your company.

Scanning your client files ensures their protection, improves customer relations, and lowers costs. To find out about more time and money-saving technology solutions, contact ZENO Office Solutions today. We are the premier printer, copier and office equipment solutions for Midland, Odessa, Big Spring and Andrews.