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Risks to your business can come in any form in today’s world – there are still physical threats, like disaster, but now there are more technological or “behind the scenes” threats than ever before. How should you stay ahead of this?

The best thing to do first is to understand vulnerabilities. For example, printers used to be connected to devices via a USB cable. Now, however, printers are network connected, which means that they can be at risk, but also that there are helpful new functions you can use to protect your printer and your network.

Networked Printer Applications

Networked printers do need to be protected using firewalls, encryption, and other tech tools. However, networked printers are the current thing for a reason – they are easier to use and have much better workflows than old printers.

Your networked printer can access cloud storage, or use Kyocera business applications to connect directly to the software programs your team uses all the time.

Increase Engagement

Get more employees involved by leveraging (and protecting) your networked printer. If you’re not taking advantage of the security options available and interactive applications that meet employees where they’re at, you’re losing a major workflow improvement.

Kyocera Business Applications

Kyocera business applications have many ways to make it easier for employees to go straight from operations to printing without all the steps in between. From Salesforce to Quickbooks, applications that operate with your networked printer increase business engagement and productivity. Time to check it out.

Get a Boost

Your team at Zeno Office Solutions is here to boost your business – time to get on board and see how you can benefit from new applications. We are the premier printer, copier and office equipment solutions for Midland, Odessa, Big Spring and Andrews. Let’s talk today.