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Managers are tasked with constantly improving your office environment and working operations. So when a system comes along that will digitize your workflow and free up time and money, it’s important to learn more quickly to implement the service for your office in a way that makes sense for you.

The Basics

What is document management? Electronic document management, also known as going digital or paperless in your workplace, is a system that captures, stores, and tracks documents.

It was first just converting documents from hard copy to digital for electronic storage, but now the service is more comprehensive, with benefits that will make your workflows smoother – like the keyword search function, historical data storage, security features, and more.

Document management is the most efficient way to automate manual processes and digitize hard copy communications. That’s why it’s critical to get on board now, so as your company grows, you’re growing in the digital sphere, and not creating more materials that will just have to be converted later.

Why You Need Document Management

Document management gets you ahead of the competition. With better communication tools, faster response times, more efficient search and recovery, and reliable security, you’re ahead of the pack right when you install the system.

Top benefits of document management include:

  • Save time – no excessive searching, printing, scanning, following up, losing a file, or anything else hard copy.
  • Save money – on toner, print supplies, materials, and productivity.
  • Fix inefficiencies – keep the ball rolling with mobile access, easier communication, and better online materials.
  • Improve workflow – everyone is already working online, so why not meet employees and clients where they’re at?

Get Started Going Digital

Zeno Office Solutions is the premier printer, copier and office equipment solutions for Midland, Odessa, Big Spring and Andrews. Your digital office starts with a quick phone call or email to us, where the expert team will provide more info and how to get started. Let’s talk.