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Office equipment sometimes gets a bad reputation – it’s not incredibly fun to talk about, but it’s essential to business. You need the proper equipment to function in your business, but sometimes people underestimate how important it is to invest in the right machine for you.

You can easily reach out to the professional team at Zeno Office Solutions to learn more about how to get the right equipment for you. But then, there’s the next question – do you lease or buy? We broke down the options below.

Why Buy?

Purchasing office equipment like printers and copiers has some pros and cons, like everything. The benefits include having the machine you need without a monthly payment, saving money on interest, and making a purchase that will last a long time.

The cons of purchasing mostly revolve around growth and updates. If technology changes quickly, it will be difficult and expensive to upgrade. If your business grows rapidly and needs more volume and a larger, more functional machine or one with different features, that can be a major cost as well.

Buying often makes sense for businesses that have a pretty steady growth rate, have the capital on hand, and are more likely to stick with the purchase than needing constant updates.

Why Lease?

Leasing makes sense for businesses that don’t have the money to purchase, or that are uncertain about how the business needs will change and expand in the next few years.

Pros for leasing include lower payments, consistent service, and the ability to trade in the machine. Cons are payments over time and an investment that is not ownership.

How to Make the Call

To buy or lease office equipment, you need to evaluate all the pros and cons, understand both options, get a good idea of what your business needs for optimal functionality, and then talk to the pro team at Zeno Office Solutions.