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The world of architecture is busy, fast-paced, and constantly changing. Adapting to environmental changes can help firms keep pace with the technology that clients are using while improving communications, collaboration, and project management.

Meeting that next deadline matters, so how can your firm use new technology to improve workflow?

Digital Solutions in Architecture

The top digital solution in architecture is document management. Document management is a service that creates a digital archive of all past information, a streamlined system for digitizing all new materials, and a user-friendly system to keep communications and other files in a digital format.

This is critical for architecture firms because the workflow is much easier when everything is in the same format, and you’re not wasting tons of time going from hard copy to digital and back.

How to Use Document Management in Architecture

Using document management in architecture is a bit of a habit change, since landscape and building architects historically produce high volumes of paper and ink materials over the course of designing, planning, and laying out different iterations.

Instead of using different copies of material and devices from a MFP to a wide format printer, you can increase efficiency and productivity by cutting back on these steps with document management.

Here are the key ways that document management can help you.


Streamline communications between clients, architects, and supervisors by staying in the same format.


Document management is excellent for workflow oversight and version control. Keep your edits in line and in order with electronic systems.


Manage various client needs and requirements electronically so that you can keep the information tied to the right project through your digital system.


Enhance company collaboration and organization with a solid digital system.

Simplify Workflows

Get ahead of complicated requests and elaborate projects by investing in a document management system to streamline your workflow, improve communication, and build collaboration. Talk to Zeno Office Solutions to get started.