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Office equipment is an essential function in any office. Because this is well-known, your sleek digital copy machine can be at high risk for hacking and data theft since it processes tons of sensitive and important information for your clients and employees.

One essential thing to remember about your copier is that, just like your computer, it has a hard drive that stores data and information. If your copier isn’t secure, your information stored on the hard drive could be vulnerable to hacks and digital data thefts through access points you never knew existed.

Hard drives are at risk if hackers can read them, so here is some critical information to know about your office equipment.

Checking Copier Security in Your Business

It’s a good idea to talk with your equipment provider to ensure that your office equipment is secured from the get-go and that you won’t have any surprises about sensitive information being stolen.

How to Secure Your Copier

A few essential steps to securing your copier:

  • Encryption – Ensure that data is encrypted in your machine at all times.
  • Password Protection – Make it easy for employees to take part in security with passwords and other frontline protections.
  • Hard Drive Evaluation – Understand if your hard drive is secure or needs to be wiped.

Perhaps the most important step is to partner with a company that can guarantee your copier security. At Zeno, we ensure that office equipment is configured to not allow information retrieval after processing information. When this data is released, it is not possible to pull digital files. We keep your hard drive paired to your machine and encrypted to that device so that it’s not compatible with any other equipment.

Protect Your Data

Keep your data and information safe by working with the reliable team at Zeno Office Solutions, investing in easy protections, and talking to your equipment provider about wiping your hard drive if necessary. Do you have questions? Let’s talk.