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Cloud business solutions can help offices go remote, and help employees be more productive, connected, and engaged – even while working off-site. Luckily, if you are searching the market for cloud business solutions that will assist your business and not take too much from the budget, you’re in luck!

Kyocera business applications include cloud connect software, which allows you to access documents or upload directly from your Kyocera multifunction printer. This creates a business office where you can turn paper documents into digital files or vice-versa with your printer. This Kyocera business application can have a significant impact on improving remote work because it means that any files you need can be made – and accessed by you – digitally.

Security and Access

The key to this process is security and access. Your cloud business solutions and Kyocera applications are secured from a variety of methods, and access is protected via encryption, passwords, and blocked discovery.

Security is the most important consideration when working remotely, and when you’re using cloud connect, your files stay secure, whether they are in your hands or the cloud.

Make Teams More Productive

Remote work can be more productive for teams, create better innovation and creative spaces when appropriately addressed. For teams working remotely that need to ensure they have all the information they need, using Kyocera business applications can streamline workflows and the transition from hard copy to digital and from the office to working from home. All you need is the right software and vendor team.

Invest in the Cloud Security

Working with cloud computing, transitioning materials from hard copy to digital, and investing in security is essential, especially when working remotely. If you’re looking for the right support and solutions, talk to Zeno Office Solutions today.