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Cyber attacks are on the rise globally, and cybercriminals will find any entry point that they can that allows them to gain access to networks, data, and confidential information. No business is safe – any size business in any industry is at risk.

That’s where your office equipment comes in. Protecting your business by investing in printer security and other office equipment protections is critical since many hackers view office equipment as an easy access point. Don’t be vulnerable – get ahead of the hackers with printer security.

Why Printers are High Risk

Since many businesses focus on computer and network security, printers are often left out of the security bubble and are at a higher risk for hacks. Employees at your company send their sensitive information and data to the printer, which is processed in a non-secure way, and it open to hacks.

How is this possible?

The printer’s hard drive stores information in the queue or can be intercepted on the network. Also, passwords are essential so that the documents themselves can’t be stolen. Your business can wipe the hard drive and encrypt the network to be protected, but having an expert print team on your side will make the most significant difference.

Invest in the Best Office Equipment

Another way to ensure your equipment is secure is to invest in high quality, advanced equipment with updated technology and security. Then, you’ll know that your baseline office equipment is already a step above the rest.

Make Your Move

Your next move is to protect your business. Reach out to the professionals that know security at Zeno Office Solutions. The experts at Zeno will make sure your office equipment is secure, updated, and covers your business and security needs.