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This just might be the year to upgrade your printer. Why 2020? Because printing costs have gone up dramatically in recent years and there are new, efficient ways to manage your print environment, and printer fleet. Having updated office equipment that matches your company’s sustainability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness is critical in keeping print costs under control.

There are now additional features and considerations for your print environment like security, extra features, and integration that will make print work better for you and your budget.

Security Matters More Than Ever

First of all, the number one reason that most businesses need to upgrade printing this year is that security is more important than ever. Security features and protections have changed dramatically, even just in recent years. Print security is a critical piece of your office and data security, and protecting the information that flows through your print fleet is just as important.

Print security features like password protection, encryption, and workflow access control help your team protect information while reducing risks like hacks and cyber attacks on your printer and hard drive. Even if security is the only reason you upgrade this year, it will be entirely worth it in savings and keeping your data safe.

Get Digital Features

In addition to print features, there are more digital enhancements than ever in today’s printers to make your team more efficient and productive. From high-volume document feeders to advanced finishing features, easy user interfaces to mobile print, you’ll wonder why you didn’t upgrade sooner when you see how much a new printer can impact your team and your workflows.

Update Office Equipment This Year

This is the year to make sure your office equipment is updated, working right, and ready to help your business grow into whatever is next – it’s probably big! Get there with Zeno Office Solutions, helping you get the equipment you need.