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It’s time to get your business out of your office and into view of potential customers. While a digital strategy may serve you well, having a presence with physical advertising is key to being front of mind for potential clients.

Here’s an easy solution – with a Kyocera large format printer like the TASKalfa model, you can print banners using paper stock to share your story, your style, and your brand with everyone who can see it.

Large Format Storytelling

With large format printing, you can elevate your advertising strategy onto signs, posters, banners, and more. You can also elevate your presentations with larger project plans, designs, workflow charts, and timelines so your info can be seen when you bring up the big ideas.

Sure, anyone can outsource printing, but once you start this advertising strategy, the cost-effective way to manage it is with your own in-house Kyocera large format printer from Zeno Office Solutions.

Banners, Branding, and More

Why is bigger better when storytelling and branding your company? Think about Times Square in New York City. What do you think of? Big, bold advertising. Maybe you can even remember some specific ads you’ve seen there.

The point is, large images are memorable, and large advertising sticks in the minds of consumers. We’ve all been there – seen something that stood out so much we looked it up and maybe even purchased.

Large format printers are easy to use and create images, banners, and posters that are weatherproof, for hanging outside. These big banners will get the word out about your company better than any regular print advertising. Time to level up.

Make Your Mark

Tell your story and be seen with large format printers producing banners, posters, signs, and anything else you need to take your brand to the next level. Get the equipment at Zeno Office Solutions.