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Small businesses are critical to the workforce, as they employ over 50 million people in America and support the economy in countless population centers.

However, small businesses also face challenges around expenditures, investments, and growth. One of the common questions we hear is “How do I go about investing in the right office equipment?”

It seems like a funny question, but the reality is that it’s very applicable to every business in any industry, and there isn’t a lot of guidance or information about how to get the right office equipment.

What You Need to Know

What you need to know about buying a printer:

  • Printers have advanced technology and have become office workhorses in recent years
  • A printer can be a single function or multifunction machine
  • Printers are much more affordable than ever before with endless options for purchasing
  • Printers can significantly boost productivity and business
  • What you use a printer for and your printer expectations

Extra Considerations

With the basics covered, a few extra considerations include:

  • Printer traffic flow
  • Printer security
  • How employees currently use the printer, and how they’d like to
  • Additional finishing or industry-specific features
  • Printer volume

Don’t worry, these can all be questions that you can discuss with your professional print team at Zeno Office Solutions.

Time to Make the Purchase

But don’t worry, your team at Zeno Office Solutions will walk you through the process and take care of everything you need. Your small business is in good hands when you work with Zeno Office Solutions. Reach out today.