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Small businesses are looking for an extra boost right now, and we get it. With changing operations, restrictions, and availability during the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been hard to keep up.

That’s why communicating with customers clearly is essential, and large format printing can help share your message, your brand, and your story. Effectively adding signs to your business using your Kyocera large format printers can give customers the okay to come in using welcoming language and clear messaging.

Share Your Brand Now

Sharing your brand and business is easier with large format printing as well. When you have an in-house large format printer, you will be able to print multiple signs without major costs. From signage explaining your operations, hours, and systems to customers to branded marketing that tells your story, large format printing can save the day for your business.

To explain simply, large format printing is anything larger than the standard 8.5″ x 11″ printing.

Build Back from 2020 with Weather Proof Banners

Weatherproof banners outside your restaurant, store, or other business will welcome customers in and provide them with the opening to enter your business and feel safe.

This communication can make a huge difference and help customers rebuild your business traffic by sharing your story and your plan in large, bold messaging. Now is the time to get your brand and your business out there – and make it big!

Kick Start Your New Strategy

Move your advertising strategy into the realm of key storytelling – start with the best equipment that is eye-catching, bold, and memorable. Start by working with Zeno Office Solutions to get the Kyocera large format printer you need. Reach out today.