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Scanning is a critical aspect of any business, especially when making the move from hard copy operations to digital. However, there is an essential aspect of scanning and scanner features that is sometimes underrated – security. Here’s what you need to know!

Scanning Can Build Business

First of all, for any business that’s considering a digital growth strategy, scanning is key. If you’re looking to invest in a scanner, the best start would be to purchase a machine with high-quality security features. Your vendor partner can help you discuss this. Just like procedural security is essential, having the right technology in your scanner is a key part of the equation as well.

Essential Security Considerations

Then, you have a few security considerations to include in your office scanning processes, to stay in legality and compliance.

There are few items that you want to make sure are NOT allowed to be scanned at your office. These may be obvious to some, but not everyone.

They include:

  • Scanning information to avoid copyright laws
  • Scanning government or military IDs
  • Scanning cash

These are your basics, but you’ll want to work with your legal team to understand if there is anything specific to your business that should not be scanned.

Next, you’ll want to streamline the process of scanning security software, hard drive cleaning, and shredding private documents that are scanned, in addition to encrypting them and saving them in a secure location on a drive.

Combine Critical Operations

It’s most important to make sure that you bring together all critical elements of business operations and scanning security to ensure a smooth system for customers and employees. Zeno Office Solutions can help – reach out to the team today.