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It’s easy to find a vendor for copiers, printers, and any office equipment. But most business owners know that when you work with a local company, you pay for great customer service and other benefits that larger companies can’t match. Here are the reasons why working with a local business for office equipment makes sense.

Reliability and Team Work

When you’re working with a company that is closer to your office, you can rely on them to help you, sometimes at any time of day. They are there quickly when you need them. You feel like you’re working with a team of office equipment professionals – you can get to know them over time and appreciate the skills, knowledge, and support they provide your office in a timely manner.

Why Local Matters

There’s more to the local business partnership that we always appreciate – here are the top three reasons why going local for office equipment helps your business.

1. Maintenance and Contracts

Simplify your maintenance calls and contracting needs with local vendors that don’t have to factor in sub-contracted support or travel. One of the biggest benefits of local business is that you can rely on your vendor for the help you need, when you need it.

2. Getting What You Need

Your local vendor can support you with the values that larger companies may lack. You’ll appreciate your trusting relationship, the consultation of the company, and a personalized approach to your equipment needs.

3. Updates and Questions

Finally, when you need help, have questions, or are looking for updates, the team is available, and they know your current equipment – or can check on it – so you’ll find the answers you need — fast.

Zeno Can Help

Your local team at Zeno Office Solutions will set your office up for success by providing the best service, assistance, and support for your company. Go local and get exactly what you need with Zeno Office Solutions.