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Color printing may seem better suited to marketing agencies and other big, bold visuals, while your construction company can save on costs by printing large format design and building plans in black and white – right? It’s not the case at all.

Companies that use color large format printing save almost 4% on building costs because the color and size of the information increases accuracy and reduces errors. That’s worth noting!

Large Format Printing Boosts Business and Saves Money

Large format printing alone is worth bringing in-house. You’ll save tons on outsourcing costs and allow your teams to address issues better, communicate with subcontractors and clients, and make sure everyone’s on the same page when your company can create the large format documents you need at any time.

Add color to that, and it’s a big boost – everyone can see the vision and be on board with the building plans without leaving any room for interpretation or confusion.

Why It’s Time to Invest

Construction is booming now more than ever before, but materials are also expensive. Don’t lose money with mistakes and misinterpretations – talk to the team at Zeno Office Solutions to increase your productivity and build savings with the right information from the get-go – with your color large format printer.

Talk to Zeno

Reach out to the team at Zeno Office Solutions to identify how to get the most for your money while saving on outsourced printing when you upgrade to a Kyocera large format printer. Your construction company needs convenience and savings right now, so let Zeno do the background work. Talk to the team today.