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Copier shopping is harder than it seems when you want to get a good upgrade at an affordable price and support your small business. It’s essential that you meet the needs of your business while working with a reliable vendor to make sure the office equipment you select has appropriate security, compliance, color, volume, and finishing features. Your copier should help build your business, not make it more complicated!

Ask Around

First of all, you can ask around to find out what your employees are looking for in a copier. Do they need high-resolution colors? Larger volume capacity? Better technical solutions? High-level security? Refined finishing features?


These are great questions to ask when you are looking for a new machine because you want to meet employee expectations and workflow needs. Being a good steward of office equipment is simple when you’ve been involved in the selection and upgrade process. No doubt, this will make your teams more efficient and productive when using office equipment.

Find Your Vendor Partner

Next, you need to find a vendor partner that can help elevate your office equipment functionality. You’ll want to take into consideration the following issues:

  • How does security integrate with your network?
  • Is the vendor easy to communicate with?
  • How is the copier compatible with existing networks?
  • Is the software up to date?
  • Can the machine improve sustainability?
  • Is it within your budget?

These are all reasonable questions to ask your vendor as you move forward with office equipment purchasing.

Get What You Need

Office equipment needs to match your business workflows and operations in order to fully optimize your productivity. It’s not hard when you have an expert vendor team on your side. Work with Zeno Office Solutions today to get exactly what you need.