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Investing in office equipment is one of the most important first – and ongoing – steps of your business. When you make your first purchase or upgrade your equipment, you’re investing in the productivity and efficiency of your employees in addition to office-wide systems like collaboration, workflows, client communications, and more.

You always want to ensure that the money you spend is worthwhile and you are leveraging your office equipment investment, which mostly means using all the available features to save time and money while building a culture of productivity in your company.

Invest in Support Services

Support services for your machine mean that you can stretch your investment a lot further with just a little bit of support from a professional crew. The best example of this is managed print services.

Managed print services can increase the lifespan of your multifunction printer by creating streamlined workflows, better print policy and process, cutting back on excess print, and ensuring cost-effective use of supplies.

Consider Your Office Environment

Evaluate your office environment to ensure you have the equipment that is right for you. This could be as simple as taking a look at traffic flow or print volume. Getting the right equipment means also matching your employee needs and workflow gaps to address productivity issues.

If you’re not quite sure where to start with this one, an expert vendor team can happily work with you to properly evaluate your office and make smart recommendations.

Talk to the Tech Pros

The investment starts with your vendor – talk to Zeno Office Solutions to work with the right team for your office equipment or services investment. Whether it’s your first purchase, an upgrade, a change for print management, or a new service, the team at Zeno will make sure that you’re getting exactly what you pay for – and more.