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Are you considering integrating digital document management but aren’t exactly sure what tools your office will need? Or maybe you’re upgrading your scanning processes to better meet your workflow needs.

Either way, usually, company managers will have several questions about scanning at this point. Since scanning has made some major advances in the last few years, we’re here to provide basic info and answers.

Needs and Office Impacts of Scanning

First of all, the need for scanners varies across industries and workflow needs. However, there are several commonalities. You’ll want a scanner that can provide the right format, size, and quality while seamlessly integrating with your office network. You are also likely looking for day-forward scanning, which means your business will stay digital after you scan in all your historical data.

Also, your office impacts of scanning are critical to be aware of. How does your team use the scanner, and where is there room for improvement?

One key aspect of scanning is optical character recognition or OCR. This technology identifies characters on a page and stores them so your scanned documents can be indexed, stored, and searched. This is definitely a priority feature for any business.

The Right Equipment for You

The right equipment for your office will likely combine features like quality, day-forward, and OCR with the volume and network compatibility your office needs. Also, you need to ensure your document scanning software is compatible, which your vendor can assist with.

Working with a Vendor that Will Help

The final piece of basic info is also your first step. Find a vendor you can trust, like Zeno Office Solutions, to walk you through the above info, implement your efficient scanning processes, and help you find the right equipment and software. We’re here to help – reach out today.