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It’s time to invest in a document scanner that will set your business up for hard copy to digital document management success – got it. Now, what’s your next step? You want to find a scanner that is worth the investment, completes everything you need, and won’t leave your team waiting for faster technology. Here are the places to start!

Research and Invest in Equipment

First up, you’ll want to check in on your business needs. This includes:

  • Your volume of scanning
  • Peak time periods or seasons
  • Productivity time to scan
  • Operations – is there someone in charge of scanning?
  • High resolution and quality needs
  • Saving and storing scanned items
  • How to manage the papers that are scanned
  • Maintenance issues – who will oversee requests?

That might sound like a lot, but it’s the essential first step of the investment. Research is key. Luckily, if any of these questions bring up more questions, you can always work closely with your vendor partner at Zeno Office Solutions.

Set your Team up for Success

Second, you will evaluate some larger office issues. These include:

  • Scanning software
  • How to manage longer scanning projects
  • Service contracts
  • Time-saving solutions and your budget

Again, Zeno Office Solutions is here to help you through this part of the office. You’ll want to prioritize office needs (like volume) with security and efficiency. Also – saving on supplies ranks in the critical aspects of this piece of equipment.

Let’s Talk

It seems like a big job at first, but Zeno Office Solutions makes it easy. If you’re ready to start investigating your scanning environment, then reach out to the team today to get off on the right foot!