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n recent years, many businesses have fallen victim to security issues, especially security problems that they didn’t even see coming. How is that possible, you might wonder? How can you be so surprised by a security hack?

The reality is that it’s totally possible to be taken by surprise, even if you prioritize security across the board. One of the common reasons this happens is overlooking security for all office equipment or not being aware of other network-integrated machines, like your printer.

What is Print Security?

Print security is essential to safe operations and data protection. Don’t let it be overlooked! Print security includes encrypting data in the processing system, using passwords, so documents aren’t sitting on the printer, and adding security to the network connection for your printer.

Be sure to evaluate print security options with your vendor. The Managed Services team at Zeno Office Solutions will review all new and applicable security features with you so that you have the security system you want. Be protected and take the risk factor out of your print system.

Why Print Security is So Critical

Print security is essential because it’s very likely that your printer sees the same sensitive information you process in your entire business, but it’s often not as protected. However, data can be stolen from your printer just as easily. You don’t want to leave your printer and print data vulnerable to hacks and online threats. Secure your print environment with our managed services to put the final wrap on your office security – be covered from every angle.

How to Invest in Protection

Time to make sure all your office equipment is secure. Talk to Zeno Office Solutions about print security and ensuring all your equipment is protected to prevent a surprise data breach in your business.