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How has your business integrated scanning solutions to assist in your communications, collaboration, and digital office space? It’s most common to recognize the benefits of scanning and to use the process and equipment, but not totally leverage the helpful equipment features or the benefits of a streamlined, company-wide process.

Let us outline some of the methods for creating scanning that works and how you can set up a system at your office that will make converting documents easy.

Starting Off with Scanning

First of all, selecting your scanner is a big deal. If you already have a machine, you may want to review this information for potential upgrades as well.

You want to select a scanner that has:

  • Advanced technological features
  • The right volume and resolution options for your business
  • High-level security
  • Protected data storage
  • Important finishing, saving, and scanning features (like for images, etc..)

It’s most effective to chat with some employees to see what tools they really need and then share that input with your vendor partner to get going in the right direction.

Elevate Your Digital Presence

If your office is shifting from hard copy to digital document management, having scanning processes and procedures in place is effective and the best way to make sure your digital office is successful.

You’ll want to set up character recognition if you use keyword search, direct filing if needed, and high-resolution scanning so you can use all the information that you convert to digital. It is a few extra steps that you’ll be glad you spent time on!

Start Here

Efficient scanning and improved productivity systems around scanning at your office are critical ways to make an effective leap to digital communication. If you’re looking at the next steps, talk to Zeno Office Solutions to make the shift to productive scanning and digital communication. Get in touch with the team at Zeno today.