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Office supply scams are more common than you might think. Why? Because many offices aren’t able to really focus on their suppliers, ordering, and payment, so they set up a supply chain and have it on auto-payment and forget about it.

Pretty soon, that means that prices may change, supplies may shift, or sometimes items may not even arrive at all. It’s a scam but it’s hard to track.

So how do you prevent this from happening? You’ll want to keep an eye on your supplies and ordering. Or, better yet, just work with a reliable partner to support managed print—an outsourced service where you can tell the benefits you are getting and you can see savings in your print data and print budget every month.

Evaluate Vendors

Managed print is where you can go to work with a professional team that will evaluate supply vendors to make sure you’re not being tricked. Managed print partners can support supply ordering and payment using data and print information.

It’s important to make sure that you veer far away from any toner pirates you might be working with – a vendor that randomly ships orders that weren’t made (or charges for them), and other tricky practices.

Know What You Need

Working with a managed print provider will help you to identify what you do – and don’t – need for your print environment and how to identify toner pirates or other situations that are scamming your business. Working with experts that have tons of experience in the field really helps – and that’s where Zeno Office Solutions comes in.

Talk to the Best Team at Zeno

The best managed print team is at Zeno Office Solutions – we’ll ensure that you get reasonable supply prices, top-notch support, and ideal print oversight. Talk to the Zeno Team  today.