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Offices have options when it comes to scanning and digital solutions, but there are several things to consider when updating your scanner or considering going fully digital.

Scanning is More Advanced than Ever

First of all, you’ll want to be aware of all the updated features scanning provides now. It’s not grainy photos anymore – scanning includes high-volume, high-resolution scanning for your office, so that you can input historical data into your system, increase your visibility of print materials, and more.

Scanning has some super technological upgrades that you won’t want to miss when you invest in a new machine  and new service. Luckily, your vendor can help you get exactly what you need.

Tips for Super Efficient Scanning

Then, with the right equipment, you’ll want to think a little about how you can efficiently use scanning to integrate into your business practices, improve your workflows, and benefit your business all-around.

Here are the five top tips to make scanning more efficient (and your office more productive):

  1. Outsource your needs: Outsourcing your high-volume scanning or document management system will save a ton of time and money and make your entire office more efficient.
  2. Identify indexing and search needs: When you work with your vendor, you’ll want to discuss your input needs – indexing – which will support your search and other critical workflow features that benefit from smart scanning.
  3. Understand your scanning volume: You’ll want the right scanner to match your volume needs – both now and going forward.
  4. Use document management: Document management is the critical tip here – outsourcing, skilled management, and efficiency all in one. Let’s chat.
  5. Update to digital and store your past documents: Don’t lose your old data when you start a new system! A good scanner will make it easy to keep everything you need to.

Scanning and Security

Scanning has changed and with it has come critical advanced technologies, security, and more. Get ahead of what’s next and work with the team at Zeno Office Solutions  today.